Context Lost in A Storm : On The PFA Awards Controversy

Thoughts on the controversy regarding Reginald D Hunter at the PFA Awards Ceremony, published April 2013 by

It’s highly amusing to see the sudden furore that has kicked off over American comedian Reginald D Hunter’s comedy routine at the PFA Awards dinner on Sunday.   A classic British press witch-hunt has ensued, with Hunter being criticised for his routine which used the N-word a number of times, and faux-outrage being thrown at him from all directions.  And, in response to press criticism, PFA Chairman Clarke Carlisle has admitted it was a “huge mistake” to book Hunter, amid reports that the PFA is demanding the return of Hunter’s fee for the evening.  What’s most amusing to me is seeing the comments about this from all those people who’ve heard or read about this routine and are piling into the debate on hearsay alone.  Because I was actually there, heard the routine – and so feel that I can comment on it with a lot more authority than most of the others making such a noise about it. 

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