The Elephant in the MadStad Boardroom

Whilst we’ve been in this international weekend, without own club playing football, it’s inevitable that talk amongst supporters turn to many other subjects.  But amongst Reading supporters there’s one subject that’s very much to the fore, but which is meeting with a deafening silence from within the club.  This elephant in the room – or rather this elephant in the MadStad – is the unresolved situation regarding the ownership and financial situation at the club.

Rumours are rife since the news transpired recently that the final £20M payment from Thames Sports Investments (TSI) to Sir John Madejski for the remaining 49% of the football club has not been paid.  This sum was initially due in March but was delayed then, when a new deadline of the end of September was announced. But that new deadline has now been and gone, leading to a plethora of discussion and speculation amongst supporters.

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