The Promotion Paradox

Of course, every football supporter wants their team to be playing in the top division, and to see them competing with the best. So with preparing for the play-offs there’s understandable excitement in the air – noticeably much more excitement that the last play-off “adventure” in 2009, when the team’s spirit had evaporated over the previous few months and everyone knew we were destined to fail. But this year there is a tangible feeling that this is quite possibly our time again.

But we’ve been there before, and we know what the Premier League is like, so the excitement is tinged with a certain amount of worry, for me at least. Being a match-going supporter of a team in the Premier League is quite horrible compared with supporting one in the Championship, so it’s a bit of a paradox. Yes we all want to go up – but will we enjoy it if we get there?

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